Mark Grove has over 18 years of foreign and domestic distribution experience, including 10 years as an exhibitor at the American Film Market.   He began as an independent filmmaker, so he understands the perils of distribution first hand.   Our distribution company, Inferno Motion Pictures, represents many independent filmmakers and we represent a wide range of genres including drama, comedy, science fiction, fantasy, horror, action, and thriller.   Because of our history and experience in this aspect of the Industry, he have a unique perspective when it comes to creating projects that the buyers will buy.



Although digital download and streaming content is becoming a primary method that viewers use, it does not mean that you should not attempt to sell the rights to your film to for DVD or Bluray release. Many people still prefer purchasing physical copies of films because they enjoy adding it to their collection.  



Making deals to release your film in other countries is still a valid resource for collecting additional revenue.  Inferno Motion Pictures has contacts in many global territories and we will do our utmost to secure foreign distribution. Many times these countries will re-title and re-package your film with different artwork. 



Methods of selling films has changed dramatically in recent years. Amazon, iTunes, YouTube, and other online platforms have begun dominating the market and many independent filmmakers have started self-promoting by using aggregators to submit their projects to online platforms for a one time fee per platform. Although this seems like an amazing opportunity, the reality of the process is actually a bit more complex than the filmmaker realizes.  These one time fees are often high and increase with each added channel. Those that do offer lower up front fees often ask for a percentage as well. The Aggregator does indeed submit your film, but that is where their involvement ends. The filmmaker then becomes responsible for the on-going promotion of their film with no further insight or guidance. 

Because of our experience with buyers from around the world, Inferno Motion Pictures can offer VOD contacts, DVD sales, foreign contacts, plus knowledge and assistance with artwork and trailers for a reasonable 25% commission. Aggregators don't do that.


If you have a completed project and would like us to consider it for possible inclusion in our catalog, please review our Distribution Agreement by clicking the download link below.  Then send us an email at with a preview link to your film.  After we have reviewed and accepted your submission we will send you a detailed list of required deliverables and a variety of other resources such as music cue sheets, use of likeness releases, and copyright information to ensure you have properly registered your screenplay and completed film.