Beyond Movies and Martial Arts, Mark Steven Grove has a secondary goal of caring for a very special young man,  Hunter Grove.  Hunter was born January 25th 1998 and it was immediately evident he was special. 


  Hunter was born with three brain abnormalities, cerebral palsy and many other health issues.  Surgeries, therapy, pain, and sadness.  It seemed like this poor kid could never catch a break.


The saddest part about his childhood was his lack of friends.  He was ostracized at school and did not understand why no kids wanted to play with him.  But then he got a new best buddy, his service dog "Kicker".

9 News Story - HUNTER'S DREAM


When he was young it was hard to take care of his needs, but as he has grown it has proven much harder. As of this writing he is 21 years old and only weighs 71 pounds. He requires constant supervision as his health continues to diminish.  The road forward will be very difficult, but Hunter has proven resilient.


Mark's normal process of spending extended periods of time away from home to work on projects has proven difficult so he has adapted his daily life to being Hunter's caregiver.   Because of this drastic change he has turned to writing instructional books, feature film scripts, and developing web based projects that will allow him to remain by Hunter's side while still pursuing artistic endeavors.     

Hunter's Dino Adventure!  His reactions to the animatronic dinosaurs was priceless... so I had to make a little movie!