Ninjutsu (the art of the shadow) is among a few elite systems that maintain an all-encompassing curriculum. A Ninja practitioner is trained in a wide array of skills that go far beyond unarmed self protection.  Ninja are exposed to a vast arsenal of weapons, stealth skills, strategy, mysticism, healing arts, disguise, and many other unique areas of knowledge. 

Mark Steven Grove

Mark Steven Grove is the founder of the Kurai Kotori Ninjutsu and Kounryusui Kenjutsu systems.   

Sara Salazar & Matthew White

Master instructors Sara Salazar and Matthew White have studied the Kurai Kotori Ninjutsu style for over 15 years.

Daryl Rolando

Daryl Rolando was the first apprentice to the system who began training in 1983. He currently teaches Kounryusui Kenjutsu in Arizona.

To accommodate today's fast paced lifestyles, the Kurai Kotori Dojo is dedicated to teaching "skills-based" training modules we call THE ULTIMATE NINJA EXPERIENCE.  Students are taught in 4-8 week immersive training modules that expose them to specific Ninja skills.  At the end of each module, students receive a certificate to commemorate the training, written reference materials, and in many cases, the weapon or item that was used during the course.  Ultimately this defies a typical martial arts training process that conforms to a level-influential curriculum that begins at White Belt and progresses forward through the ranks to Black Belt and beyond.


The Dojo is equipped with both solid and padded training surfaces, climbing ladders, hanging ropes, running walls, an elevated platform, a balance beam, and a vast array of weaponry to prepare students to fight with classical, modern, and improvised tools of self-protection.