The comedy/martial arts feature film "Made in Chinatown" from Nine East Productions, Tambuli Media, and Fusion Factory Films is in the final stages of post production.   Starring Tony Darrow (Goodfellas), Raymond J. Berry (Gotham), Lo Meng (Five Deadly Venoms), Shuya Chang (Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon: Sword of Destiny), Vincent Pastore (The Sopranos) and introducing Jay Kwon as "Vinny" Chow.    Directed by Emmy Award winning Stunt Coordinator James Lew (Luke Cage) and co-directed by Robert Samuels (John Wick: Chapter 3).

SYNOPSIS -Mob bosses Al Capella (Tony Darrow), Amadore Condimento (Vincent Pastore), and Hung Phat (Lo Meng), run all the herbs and spices in Little Italy and Chinatown.  Despite being Chinese, young Vincent Chow (Jay Kwon) embarks on a personal quest to join the Italian mob so he can get the girl of his dreams, Tina Di Pocco (Theresa Moriarty).   In his many attempts to prove himself mob-worthy, Vinny is drawn into a web of intrigue instigated by New York's dirty crime commissioner Sean O'Greedy (Raymond J. Barry), who is playing all the mob bosses against one another.

Along with his friends Joey (Timothy Chivalette), Lawrence (Emmanuel Brown), and May (Shuya Chang), Vinny is recruited by agents Johnson & Johnson (Bob Martin and Robert Samuels) to infiltrate the mob to gather evidence that will take the entire syndicate down once and for all.