This page is dedicated to being in the moment. Here you will find Mark Grove's thoughts pertaining to Martial Arts, Independent Film, Stunts, Practical FX, Prosthetic Makeup, Prop Creation, Film Clips, or any other random memory or subject that inspires him.

Blade Behind the Hand


Shurikenjutsu is the art of throwing blades, and I have a passion for missile weapons.  This UCHINE is a custom piece I designed for a fellow Ninjutsu practitioner.  I will be making a few new shuliken in coming weeks.  I;ll be sure to post them...stay tuned!


Designing and creating custom weapons has always brought me great joy. The most important factor is each weapon must be sturdy and balanced so they can be wielded effectively.  However, there's still an artistic side that comes into play as well.  Different types of wood, metal finishing, ornamentation, leather work, and other components that make each weapon special.

I am especially motivated when I'm constructing a custom weapon for specific person. I think these one of a kind creations should be as unique as the warrior who wields them, thus it's important that I'm familiar with the warriors fighting style so I can make a weapon that is complimentary to their movement base.




When I am writing a script I often find it helpful to do some pre-visualization.  In the case of the film PRIME EVIL: HEART OF DARKNESS,  I decided to create some of the creatures to inspire my process.  These included the BLIND THRALL which is an undead minion with eyes sewn shut, the STONE GARGOYLE where a man goes through a painful transformation, and a PIT DEMON who is the personal guardian to the films primary antagonist, a powerful demonic female.



In 2012-2013 I was asked to contribute multiple articles pertaining to the stunt industry for the UK magazine MARTIAL ARTS ILLUSTRATED.  The "Get your Career in Action" and "Reel Ninja" articles covered many fundamental aspects of what it takes to break into the film business as an action performer.  You can see the articles HERE.