STUNT PERFORMERS are individuals who put themselves in potential danger while performing stunts or doubling actors on film & television productions.  Now you can study these skills and put them into action on the set!   Imagine fighting off zombies in a post-apocalyptic future, falling from a stagecoach in the old west, flying through the air on wires like a superhero, clashing steel with knights on a medieval battlefield, or having a laser battle against alien creatures on an abandoned space station...  These are the things that happen in the exciting life of a professional stunt performer! Now you can be a part of this action packed industry!  Drop us an email at to see how you can get involved! 


 Rocky Mountain Stunts does not promote a revolving door training process where students attend a single “seminar” or “workshop” with the hope of entering the stunt business with limited training and knowledge.  Although short term workshops can be fun and informative, it is almost impossible to obtain refined skills without the prolonged repetition of technique.  Thus, we are looking for dedicated people to become part of our troupe rather than individuals with limited commitment who are only seeking to pad their resume with a deceptive "stunt training" credential. The equation is simple, long term training leads to a greater potential for retaining information, solidifying skills, and becoming a safe and valuable asset to any stunt coordinator looking to hire qualified personnel.   


  Stunt Team members work on physical feats that enhance their ability to perform complex fight choreography, ground falls, jerk harness, breakaways, linear falls, obstacle interaction, and many other stunt related skills.  Members will also have the opportunity to attend workshops focused on more advanced stunts such as high falls, wire work, and fire burns as well as interacting with practical effects involving squibs (bullet hits) air mortars, pyrotechnics, and prosthetic appliances. Strong focus on performing for camera, set etiquette, and safety procedures


Wednesday Nights 7:00pm to 9:00pm

Saturday Mornings 10:00am to 12:00pm  


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  • EMAIL - You can do this by corresponding with us via email
  • PHONE - You can call Mark Steven Grove at 720-560-0981.
  • FACEBOOK - You can connect via instant message with Mark Steven Grove


  • Show up 15 minutes prior to your scheduled visit to fill out paperwork. Please wear sweat pants, t-shirt, and athletic shoes (no shorts). After completing you first session, please be prepared to discuss your involvement in the program.


  • The STUNT PROGRAM (ages 15+) is $200.00 a month and includes Falls and Acrobatics and Stunt Skills.  These classes are scheduled on Wednesday nights 7:00pm to 9:00pm and Saturday mornings 10:00am to 12:00pm. You will need to purchase an official shirt and pants to be worn in class. You will need a pair of black non-descript athletic shoes (no logos) that are reserved for the training floor.  You will need to acquire a bag of personal safety gear (elbow pads, knee pads, etc) available in every class.

  • For those who want the benefit of both the Stunt and Ninja Programs, we have the ELITE PROGRAM for $300.00 a month ($100 discount).

  • Tuition is month to month and is due between the 25th and the 1st. After the 1st there is a $25.00 late fee.

  • Tuition is a set monthly cost and cannot be broken into individual classes, or partial months and there is no carryover of missed classes from one month to the next.

  • Normal monthly tuition does not cover any specialized stunt and/or Ninja training that may be offered from time to time.