JAMES LEW - Stunt and Fight Coordinator

“Mark Grove is one of the most innovative filmmakers that I have ever worked with in my career.  His writing and directing skills make him an incredible storyteller.  But Mark's talents go way beyond that to being a superb stunt coordinator, a gifted actor and stunt performer, a top notch special effects coordinator, and he is even a master at post production...he is virtually limitless!   It is my honor to be associated with his team.”


CARL CIARFALIO - Stunt Coordinator

"Mark Grove is a talented movie industry resource who can be trusted – something that can be a rare quality in this industry. His broad experience in all aspects of filmmaking make him invaluable – whether as a leader of his own cutting edge film projects or a hard working member of a production team. Mark Grove is of one of our industry’s top talents and I am proud to be a part of this very worthwhile group."  


RICK AVERY - Stunt Coordinator, Director

“Mark Grove is a gracious, giving, and highly professional filmmaker.   He is a rare find in the entertainment industry, because his word is his bond, and as proven by his resume, he delivers on all levels.    He has run a successful production company for years and knows every aspect of filmmaking, from script development to sales.   In a word, Mark Grove delivers.” 



“Mark Grove is the very best.   His skills as a martial artist and fight arranger are inspirational. He is well versed in all forms of stunt work and special effects, which makes him the perfect mentor for up and coming action performers.  He is also a writer and director who specializes in action genre filmmaking, which makes him a great resource for breaking into this highly competitive field. My advice...if you get an opportunity to train with him...Don’t pass it up.”       


ART CAMACHO - Action Director

“Mark Grove is an amazing filmmaker and an incredible story teller. He's one of the few I've known who can do it all. As a Director, he has tremendous vision and as a stunt coordinator he knows what he wants and how get it from his team. I am inspired by not only his work but by his spirit. He is one of the most respected and innovative Indie filmmakers around. I look forward to working with him on a Grove/Camacho team up!"  


MARTIN KOVE - Action Star

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Mark Grove in various capacities. As a Producer he has always taken care of his actors on every level. As a Writer/Director his creativity and collaborative energy is electrifying. As a Stunt Coordinator he is dedicated to creating powerful safe action for all his projects.  All of these skills and qualities make him the perfect guide to those interested in pursuing a career in the film and television industry.”    


RON VAN CLIEF - Action Star

“As a Martial Artist of over 50 years I can tell when someone is the real deal. Mark Grove is such a man. I had the honor and pleasure of working with him and his Rocky Mountain Stunt Team. His team was expertly trained, efficient, and professional in every respect. Mark Grove’s style of action direction was very innovative with the flavor of classical martial arts combined with modern gritty realism.”        


CHUCK BORDEN - Stunt Coordinator

“I've known Mark for a long time and not only is he a talented stuntman, he has evolved over the years into one of the most admirable writer/producer/directors I’ve ever met. Mark is a natural leader who will go out of his way to help almost anyone, a quality I admire and respect. He is someone every person in this industry should have on their team. I am honored to call him a work colleague and most importantly a friend” 


RIC WAITE - Director of Photography

“I have had the privilege of working with Mark Grove on several occasions. I have always found him thoroughly professional, completely competent and dedicated to his craft. Mark's knowledge and grasp of the film industry is exemplary and his skills in martial arts and stunt coordinating are extraordinary. Always a smile, frequently a well timed joke. Great fun… but still getting the job done with alacrity and professionalism.”   


DAN SPEAKER - Fight Coordinator

“Mark Grove is a great director, a superlative martial artist, a very creative choreographer of movie fights, and well versed in the entire process of filmmaking. In this day and age of extreme specialists, it is nice to work with someone who not only can wear so many hats, but wear them so well! I highly recommend him to anyone looking to study stunt work and action filmmaking.”