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Mark Grove is a professional Martial Artist and Filmmaker who lives in Denver, Colorado.   A lifelong practitioner of Ninjutsu, Mark entered the film industry as an actor and stuntman in the late 80's.  Since that time he has worked as a fight choreographer, stunt coordinator, practical effects supervisor, pyrotechnician, firearms handler, special fx makeup artist, historical consultant, writer, producer, and feature film director. 

This wide range of credits combined with his ability to take almost any idea and turn it into reality with little more than the power of intention has earned him the moniker "Man of Action" from his peers.


Hear what stunt professionals, actors, and martial artists have to say about working and training with Mark Steven Grove.


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SHADOW WAR 12-7-17

Fusion Factory Films has completed development on the new SHADOW WAR web series. Production begins January 2018.  To those who would like to submit acting resumes, please send to FusionFactoryFilms@aol.com.

ONI MASK 10-10-17

The SHADOW WAR web series development is underway and props and costumes are being designed.  Here we see an Oni (demon) mask sculpted, molded, and cast by Sabre Raine Grove.


Rocky Mountain Stunts member James Lew has brought home the gold for his amazing work on Marvel's Luke Cage... But I feel like a winner too because he brought me a T-shirt!

DENVER COMIC CON 2017! 6/30-7/2

It’s true! I am working with some of Hollywood’s best Stunt Coordinators at Denver Comic Con 2017. James Lew, Rick Avery, Carl Ciarfalio, Sara N. Salazar, and I will will be hosting some great panels, so look for all of us in the REEL HEROES Filmmaker Series.

Presentation video for the DCC 2017 

Reel "Unsung" Heroes to honor Stunt Professionals Rick Avery, Carl Ciarfalio, Mark Steven Grove, James Lew, and Sara Salazar.

MIKE GRELL 5-13-17

Dropped by Cheyenne Comic Con 2017 to visit my friend and producing partner Mike Grell. Mike is an amazing writer and artist who has worked on many great titles over the years. Green Arrow, Sable, Warlord, Legion of Superheroes, James Bond, Tarzan, and many more!   Great seeing you Mike!  

STAR RAIDERS (Galaxy Raiders) - RELEASE 5-8-17

Star Raiders: The Adventures of Saber Raine, written and directed by Mark Steven Grove, has is now out on bluray, dvd, and digital download throughout the world. Get your copy today!