Rocky Mountain Stunts is Colorado’s premier resource for all things action. Our team of professional stunt coordinators, fight choreographers,  stunt performers and practical effects specialists provide film and television productions with a wide range of services. If you have a project that requires action support, please email us at or call 720-560-0981. 


Action Coordinators

Stunt Coordination

We provide productions with expert stunt coordinators and fight choreographers to create powerful action sequences.  

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Stunt Performers

Stunt explosion

Fights, High Falls, Wire Work, Body Burns, Breakaways, Precision Driving. Our team of stunt performers are ready to deliver.   

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Practical Effects

Prosthetic Makeup

 Our team is also skilled at set construction, creating props, prosthetic makeup, and environmental effects.   

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Action Media

Take a look at our Stunt Demo Reels, Pre-viz Action Clips, and some of the training that takes place in our studio.

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The Rocky Mountain Stunts team is always looking for Men and Women interested in pursuing a career in the action film industry.  Our instructors are working professionals 

with extensive credits and Hollywood connections that are the result of years of performing, coordinating, and directing action.


Rocky Mountain Stunts is not a revolving door training scenario where students attend a single “seminar” or “workshop” with the hope of entering the stunt business with limited training and knowledge. Although short term workshops can be fun and informative, it is almost impossible to obtain refined skills without the prolonged repetition of technique.  Thus, we are looking for dedicated people to become part of our troupe rather than individuals with limited commitment who are only seeking to pad their resume with a deceptive "stunt training" credential.   


The equation is simple, long term training leads to a greater potential for retaining information, solidifying muscle memory, and becoming a safe and valuable asset to any stunt coordinator looking to hire qualified personnel.  

Class Content


Theatrical fighting is non-verbal communication skills coupled with the ability to project and receive energy while performing complex choreographed sequences involving punches, kicks, knees, blocks, traps, and throws.  Students must also focus on acrobatic skills that include breakfalls, rolls, leaps, handsprings, and aerial flips.


Students are taught to integrate weapons such as sword, staff, club, knife, and chain into fight scenes. Our instructors focus on teaching the dynamics of each of these weapons with an emphasis on understanding the importance of distancing and timing to ensure the utmost in safety. Beyond classical weapons, students will also be exposed to improvised weaponry, using found objects such as bottles, buckets, chairs, and the like. 


Beyond our on-going training programs, Rocky Mountain Stunts also sets up 1-2 day intensives on specific stunt and practical effects skills. This training includes Theatrical Firearms, High Falls, Jerk Harness, Body Burns, Breakaways, Pneumatic Effects, Sculpting and Moldmaking, and Prop Construction.


All of these skills must be performed while working in tune with one or more cameras where students must learn to effectively hit specified marks, interact with set pieces, utilize stunt and special effects equipment, work with props, and many other random factors that can be present in any given scene.


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Owning a martial arts studio, knowing some parkour, or being police officer or ex-military does not qualify someone to be an action trainer or stunt coordinator. This is a common misconception because there are many wannabe people out there who claim knowledge and expertise in the stunt field to attract unwitting students into a “fight choreography” workshop or  “action for actors” seminar. These charlatans are preying on the dreams of those who are truly interested in working in the  industry. One thing to remember is that a good coordinator will have a verifiable track record with legitimate feature film and tv credits (not just student films or short films). If your instructor claims to have “lost” all of their footage or claims it was all shot in another country and is conveniently unavailable...walk away as quickly as possible. 



EMAIL - You can do this by corresponding with us via email

PHONE - You can call Mark Steven Grove at 720-560-0981.

FACEBOOK - You can connect via instant message with Mark Steven Grove


Show up 15 minutes prior to your scheduled visit to fill out paperwork. Please wear sweat pants, t-shirt, and athletic shoes (no shorts). After completing you first session, please be prepared to discuss your involvement in the program.



1) You will need to purchase an official shirt to be worn in class along with black sweat pants.

2) You will need a pair of black non-descript athletic shoes (no logos) that are reserved for the training floor.

3) You will need to acquire a bag of personal safety gear (elbow pads, knee pads, etc) available in every class.


1) The ADULT PROGRAM (ages 16+) is $200.00 a month and meets on Wednesday nights 7:00pm to 9:00pm and Saturday mornings 10:00am to 12:00pm. 

2) The YOUTH PROGRAM (ages 8-15) is $120.00 a month and meets Sunday afternoons 1:00pm to 2:30pm. 

3) Tuition is month to month and is due between the 25th and the 1st. After the 1st there is a $25.00 late fee.

4) Tuition is a set monthly cost and cannot be broken into individual classes, or partial months and there is no carryover of missed classes from one month to the next.

5) Normal monthly tuition does not cover any specialized stunt training that may be offered from time to time. 


The phrase "Earn your Spurs" is extremely relevant in the action industry.  It means you have to prove yourself. No one is entitled to succeed in this business and if you are in need of instant gratification, you may be in for a surprise. Once you embark on the path of a professional action performer, it is your responsibility to practice and refine all the skills you are taught at the same time as spending personal time enhancing your strength, flexibility, endurance, and balance through body conditioning and proper diet.


As they often say, membership has its privileges. Rocky Mountain Stunts, in conjunction with Fusion Factory Films, produces feature film projects that give our members opportunities to work as both stunt performers and actors to build their resume with legitimate credits. This is important for anyone who wants to make it in this business. Starting a career with a limited resume and a demo reel that only consists of self made “training” scenes does not provide a good first impression to professional coordinators. You want real scenes from real movies so you can demonstrate and validate yourself as a legitimate performer with true on-set experience.