Rocky Mountain Stunts is Colorado’s premier resource for all things action. Our team of professional stunt coordinators, fight choreographers,  and stunt performers provide film and television productions with a wide range of services. If you have a project that requires action support, please email us at or call 720-560-0981. 


Mark Grove directing action

We provide productions with expert stunt coordinators and fight choreographers to create powerful action sequences.


Stuntman takes a fall

Fights, High Falls, Wire Work, Body Burns, Breakaways, Precision Driving. Our team of stunt performers are ready to deliver. 


Mark Grove - Prosthetic makeup

 Our team is also skilled at set construction, creating props, prosthetic makeup, and environmental effects. 


Rocky Mountain Stunts - Action Reels

Look here for action reels, acting demos, and film clips from members of the ROCKY MOUNTAIN STUNTS team. 


Reel Ninja - Martial Arts Illustrated

A look at stunt related articles written by Mark Steven Grove for Martial Arts Illustrated (U.K.)


Rocky Mountain Stunts action montage

If you want to be part of the Rocky Mountain Stunts team and work on Film, Television, and Web-based productions, please check below for our ON-GOING PROGRAMS and some INDUSTRY BOOKS written by a few of our veteran members.

Fight Choreography & Stunt Skills


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Theatrical fighting is non-verbal communication skills coupled with the ability to project and receive energy while performing complex choreographed sequences involving punches, kicks, knees, blocks, traps, throws, and falls. These skills must also be performed while working in tune with one or more cameras where students must learn to effectively hit specified marks, interact with set pieces, utilize stunt and special effects equipment, work with props, and many other random factors that are present in any given scene. This course will also focus on integrating low impact stunts such as obstacle rolls, breakaways, low falls, and basic wire work.  

Wednesday Evenings - 7:00pm to 9:00pm

Saturday Mornings - 10:00am to 12:00pm

*Students are required to wear sold black sweat pants, official training t-shirt, plain black shoes, and all safety gear to include: knee and elbow pads, back pads,gloves, etc.

Youth Action & Acrobatics


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Those interested in a career in stunts usually begin their training in their late teens or early 20’s, but here we start students at 8-13 years old to develop their physical skills. They learn fight choreography, weapons, acrobatics, falls, wire-work, and many other skills that challenge them at every level. If you know a young actor, martial artist, or just a kid with lots of energy, we encourage you to put them in this class.


Sunday Afternoons - 1:00pm to 2:30pm

*Students are required to wear sold black sweat pants, official training t-shirt, and plain black shoes.  



By Rick Avery

with Tom Bleecker

After losing two consecutive matches while wrestling on his high school wrestling team, Rick Avery learned from his wrestling coach what would become Rick’s life motto—regardless of the risk factor and intensity of whatever obstacles he faced, he would show “no quit.” Throughout his challenging careers as a police officer, high-ranking martial artist, and over three decades working in Hollywood as a professional stuntman, Rick met each and every challenge placed before him with the sheer determination of no quit. Learn how he used this motto to his benefit—and continues to do so—in A Life at Risk

Join Rick on his exciting and ever-changing journey from the cradle to the present that is filled with great storytelling and wisdom as told by the person who lived it. 

If you'd Like to purchase a copy of this book please click this link.


By Carl Ciarfalio

with Teri Ryan

You might not know his name, but chances are you’ve seen veteran stuntman Carl Ciarfalio in blockbuster films and TV shows including Fight Club, Far and Away, 24, “Walker, Texas Ranger,”Casino and many more!

This book shares Carl’s best stories from four decades in Hollywood: from his humble beginnings as a bumbling cowboy stuntman at Knott’s Berry Farm to what it’s like to work with elite actors and directors. You’ll be riveted  by these insider stories. You’ll read about mega-celebrities (some nice, some not) and about gnarly stunts (those that went well and a few that didn’t). The book shares a number of Carl’s successes, but doesn’t shy away from a few embarrassing moments. You’ll also enjoy and benefit from his unique insights and advice about the entertainment business and the exciting world of stunts.

If you'd Like to purchase a copy of this book please click this link.


By Art Camacho

A “Filmmaker’s Journey” is a true story of an obese kid from the Latin barrio who dreams of being a star. Written by award-winning film director Art Camacho, this autobiography provides a personal view of growing up Latino in America, the path he took to get into the movie industry, the failures he faced, the bullying he endured and the defining moment that led him to Hollywood. 

Through his own life experiences, “A Filmmaker’s Journey” is Camacho’s lifelong journey from a young depressed and bullied kid who did what it took to follow his dream. It is a book about inspiration and over-coming countless failures and despite the roadblocks generated not just by society, but by our own selves and our own culture.  

If you'd Like to purchase a copy of this book please click this link.

A Filmmaker's Journey